Chemistry and industrial biotechnology for a sustainable world

Green growth in motion

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering at the UGent has, for many years, embraced the principles of green chemistry as a framework for research and education. Green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances. The goal of green chemistry is to create better, safer chemicals while choosing the safest, most efficient ways to synthesize them and to reduce waste. The Faculty has introduced green chemistry in its research project portfolio through the use of renewable feedstocks, a shift towards more eco/tox-friendly products, development of sustainable production processes (for instance through process intensification and improvements of energy efficiency), generating less waste and high atom efficiency during chemical conversions and finally the application of natural products.

Renewable natural resources and their conversion into food, feed, bio-based products and bioenergy via innovative and efficient technologies provided by Industrial Biotechnology, lay down the basis of the Biobased economy. The Biobased economy is a 'cornerstone' for smart, green growth in Europe.