Research focus

Development of Sustainable Processes

Developing efficient chemical processes is at the core of our research team. We are constantly improving processes and reinventing them to have more sustainable production. Catalysis, alternative raw materials, next generation separation methods, etc. belong to this category.

Our innovations:
Chemical heat pump: Thermally driven heat pumps are much more energy efficient than all other conventional heat pumps. They use only 2% of electricity whereas the conventional ones use about 30% of electricity to produce the same amount of heat. The developed heat pump can be applied in a broad range of industrial applications, uses waste heat between 75 and 150°C, generates a temperature lift of 100°C and has an attractive pay-back period of 3 to 5 years.

Chemical Building Blocks

The Faculty is a strong player in manufacturing chemical intermediates. These most often our used by our downstream customers as building blocks in various applications. The building blocks, however, strongly influence the properties of the final products and open up a lot of applications. In this research area, we design new and altered building blocks for already existing applications. Also solvents are covered by the term building blocks, as they present often a mean to produce a final product, without being built in themselves.

Our innovations:
A new emulsion stabilising agent INUTEC® can replace petrochemical agents by plant-derived derivatives, exemplifying the use of renewable resources in consumer applications.

Bio-Modulators in Life Sciences

Bio-modulators are chemical compounds or mixtures that influence the natural physiology of living organisms and as such exert their effects without leaving undesired residues.

Our innovations:
After extended library testing by the UGent oncology lab, new non-toxic chemicals are providing positive initial results for combating breast cancer.