Novel chemical matter

Natural products and likes

Natural product analogues are synthesized with less complicated or novel structures in order to produce biologically active compounds that exhibit activity profiles superior to that of the natural products they originate from. Through innovative synthetic methods and strategic target choice, we develop short synthetic schemes that allow a rapid assembly and straightforward analoging for such compounds, aiming for highly modular intermediates, with synthetic efficiencies approaching those that are typically achieved with 'flat' heterocyclic scaffolds. The development of new chemical synthesis methods allows access to targeted libraries of natural products and their analogues which can be used to gain more knowledge on the bioactive compounds present in extracts from various natural sources, their biological target and mechanism of action.

Heterocyclic scaffolds

Chemical methodologies are being developed to synthesize new and innovative heterocyclic scaffolds for applications in the agrochemical and medicinal industry. Asymmetric syntheses of functionalized amino acid derivatives are developed, as new building blocks for heterocyclic and carbocyclic scaffolds, incorporating biologically interesting moieties. Focus goes to rational synthesis of various types of new heterocyclic compounds associated with specific biological activities to provide new SAR insights and to identify new leads for further development in medicinal chemistry.

Asymmetric (Bio)catalysis

Exploration and application of enzyme-mediated functional group transformations.