Improving risk assessments to identify the right radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer and the best mitigation of the side effects of radiation

prof. dr. ir. Thas Olivier

Centres of knowledge transfer within the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge Transfer Centres facilitate the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering to connect to innovating communities, to collaborate and find out about new opportunities in key research and technology sectors. Knowledge transfer is critical to enable FBE to compete successfully at the forefront of global technology and innovation.

The Knowledge Transfer Centres:

  1. Improve business performance through innovation and new collaborations by driving the flow of people, knowledge and experience between business and the science-base;
  2. Drive knowledge transfer between the supply and demand sides of technology-enabled markets through a high quality, easy to use service;
  3. Provide business with the opportunity to meet and network with individuals and organisations, nationally and internationally.


Clean environmental technology

Food and Health

Enabling techniques in the biomedical sector

Natural capital

Sustainable primary production